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The Human Express and Running with a Turkey

Yesterday, I had a major migraine – so I had to put yesterdays run off till today.  Still bothered by migraine symptoms but not as bad.   So at 6 am I headed out to get my 6 miles in before the temperature goes up.  It was 77 degrees which is usually not too bad.  However the humidity was 74% according to the Weather Channel.  In hot and humid weather your body has to work twice as hard to keep itself cool.  I sweat buckets when I run in such.  I also drink a lot before, during and after run.

I am hoping that when the cooler and less humid temps of the fall arrive, my pace will improve.

I ran with my LIFE Runners shirt on today and had another runner tell me how much they liked it too.

I stopped midway through and did some stretches including some for IT Band.  Then again when I finished I did more.  Am rolling my feet on a bar while I type this.  Then using the same bar throughout the day for IT Band.

Here’s the info from today’s effort.  Tomorrow I’ll cross train and then run the next three days – 3/6/3.  Long run Saturday is 11 miles.

The things you see while running.  Here’s a wild turkey that was clucking up a storm as I went by.   Don’t see them too often around here – especially in town.  I shot a quick video of him.  He liked being taped – actually caused him to strut about more.

Today CBS will air the “Human Express.”  It’s on at 12 pm Central Time.  Watch as ultra marathoner, Karl Meltzer traveled over 2,000 in 40 days to retrace the Pony Express – ending it in St. Joseph, Mo last October.

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