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Long Run…Done!

The day warmed up pretty fast.  I was anxious about my long run today so I woke twice through the night, thus causing me to sleep later.  I had coffee and protein bar with Vitamins, supplements at 7 am.  Prepped for run then headed out at 8:30 to Memorial Park (shaded).  Because this was a long run today and I didn’t want to have to circle the park (shaded or not) 8 times.  I went ahead and ran towards the Capital.

I was passed by 3 runners along the way.  Used to that would bother me – not anymore.  I’m my only competitor.  I was completely focused on my strategy.

The Miles
The first three miles were easy.  My strategy – start out at a slower pace because today it’s about going the distance.  Also, heat not bad.  Mile 4 starting to get warm.  All 4 miles were at approx 12 minute pace.  At mile 5 it began getting really hot(temp 87 degrees).  Drank more and battled through mile 6.  Phone rang during mile six and figured it could wait.  My strategy with phone calls – don’t take them while training.  If it’s an emergency, they will call back – then I will answer realizing such.  I race walked mile 7 as well as 8.  Even with the walking I still had an average pace of 13:28.

No aches or pains and ready for next challenge.

Nutrition and Hydration
The last couple of days I have been preparing for this long run.  Keeping up with my fluids and yesterday, increasing starches.  I went to bed at 9 pm.

I don’t usually run with a bottle of water but with today’s run – over 5 miles, it was necessary.  Filled 2 water bottles with diluted Coconut Water.  Helps with heat and more potassium than sports drinks.  Ran with 1 bottle and left other in the car.  Also, had a few peanuts and raisins for added energy along the way.  Through out the run I drank 16 ounces.  At mile 7 I ate some of the raisins and nuts.  Then again after finishing.  Dropped empty water bottle off in car and picked up fresh for cool down and stretching (got that in too Coach 🙂 – ha!).  Drove home and continued drinking.  At home had yogurt and more water.

Cool Down and Stretching
Walked around in shaded area then did a series of stretches holding each for 8 counts did 2 rounds of such also.

Here’s the data from today’s run.

2 comments on “Long Run…Done!

  1. richardchandler says:

    wow! great job on your run. Wish I could do that. Check out my blog if you get a chance 🙂

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    Well done!

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