Sleep and Marathon Training

This morning was the 5 mile run.  Not great but done.  The half mile warm up I do before running (not included in data) will have to suffice as the missing 1/2 mile to make it 5 miles.

I am exhausted.  Maybe needing more sleep at night.  I’m only at 14 miles for the week so this shouldn’t be.  I’ve done more before.

I’m going to go back to an old habit of going to bed early – 9 pm.  Maybe more sleep will help me balance work and marathon training.  I read where as you increase mileage you need more sleep.  Does this mean I won’t make it?

No,  just need to adjust…and believe.

Watch this trailer for the “Spirit of the Marathon” (movie).

Tomorrow is a rest day…  I’m putting pj’s on and making lists for tomorrow.  Good Night!

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