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Bring Your Bicycle to Work Day – An Exercise in Cross Training

Did some serious cross training at 7 am thermometer read 85 degrees/humid and hot. Rode my bike to work with dress clothes in back pack (rolled not folded – doesn’t wrinkle).  Took me about an hour  due to some respectable hills. It wasn’t easy but will probably do again…on a Sunday – and earlier too. Only had to walk bike across busy intersections – didn’t want to spook cars. Then parked my ride in our office conference room – where it will probably stay until next Sunday when I ride it home.

It has been too hot in the afternoons to even think about riding it home from work. Yesterday it was over 100 and high humidity.

I read that bicycling is one of the best cross training exercises you can do when preparing for a marathon. It works some of the leg muscles that need strengthening to improve performance.  They feel worked too.

Here’s the data from the ride. Now on with the countdown.

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