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Great Times…Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Weekend is always one of our favorite gatherings with family.  There were some that couldn’t be with us but even still we all had a great time together.

Remembering all that have fought for our country and especially those that have died.  Our Dads are all veterans from WWII and Korean wars.   Jim served in Vietnam.  Our flag was flying and so thankful to be living in the U.S.A.  Here’s a tribute to my Dad – George Hitz.

Earlier in the day I went running.  I ran 3.5 miles at 12 minute average and walked 1.5 mile with an additional half mile warm up.

Following the run, we went to Mass and then came home to get ready for the party.  Carrie, Rich, Bailey and Hunter stayed with us this weekend and it was a wonderful time.

Everyone is gone but the memories are forever…

The house and everything is all cleaned up and  and ready to swim and do some more grilling.

Great times!

One comment on “Great Times…Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Dolores says:

    Good food, good friends and family, great fun! Thanks for hosting!

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