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Would You Run Carrying Websters Dictionary?

With 11 pounds down, I am now past half way point for weight loss goal.  Soon my running will be a lot easier not carrying this around with me…

Granted this is 16 pounds of weight not 20, but I am only 5 pounds away from this.  These weights are heaving.  In fact, if I ran with one in hand I wouldn’t go very far (partly because of the mental negative image of running with them).    Here’s Webster’s Dictionary.  It weighs 14.5 pounds – just 3.5 more pounds than what I’ve already lost.  Who would want to run with that book???

We don’t realize how hard it is on our bodies to carry more weight than what’s considered normal.   My running is improving too.

It’s hard to believe May is almost over – three weeks till official start of marathon training.  I’ll be ready!

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