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Finally…An Iphone and Taps for the Ipod

We went out to dinner last night to Red Lobster.  I had my usual fare of grilled salmon, baked potato, asparagus and garden salad with vinaigrette dressing.

To keep from having to use butter, I squeeze several lemon wedges onto my potato and then seasoned with pepper.  It always does the trick.  I love potatoes but can’t afford the butter right now on this diet so that is my substitute.  It is actually pretty good.  I have also been known to put hot sauce on my potato too (w/o the lemon).  All good choices…

The big news is  – I got an Iphone!

Trying the camera out on Alex.

Then later Dolores came over .  She and Alex (both iphone experts) had a lot of good advice for me.

I have already begun using Siri (as Dolores suggested).  Added all my social media apps and others that would come in handy.

Best yet…No longer will I have blurred pics – yay! 🙂  I have spent the morning downloading free apps.  What are your favorite apps for your phone???

I’m going for a 4 mile run this morning – can’t wait.  Email or leave a comment and let me know how far you ran or walked today.    Waiting on that “work fairy” to appear and clean my house.  Wish there really was one.  That will wait.

More later.  Have a great day!

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