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Last night we went to dinner with Mary Jo, Alex’s Confirmation sponsor.  He was confirmed Thursday night.  My phone was acting up so I didn’t get very many good pictures.  😦  However, see the slide show below for those I did get.

We usually have a lot of fun when we are all together and this time was no different.  This is us on our way home afterwards.  We are usually laughing or arguing about who’s the better driver when we’re in the car (notice Jim’s eyes are not on the road – ha!).  🙂

We arrived at the restaurant early to get a good table and settle in with our gifts  for her and Alex.

Mary Jo and Greg arrived just after us.

So Alex went out to greet them and show them to our table.

Alex, Confirmed in Christ with his sponsor, Mary Jo.

Alex opening his gifts.

Mary Jo gave him a Sacred Heart  visor clip for his car and a St. Christopher key chain.  She told Alex that when our Dad was in WWII (click on link for more info about that).  His Mom had a special devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.  She prayed every day…prayed him and his brothers home. Dad told us about that and said he felt those prayers must have been what kept him alive.  All three did return home from the war that reduced the worlds population by more than 2.5%.

Our gift to Alex was a St. Christopher medal for him to wear.  He continues to wear a crucifix that we gave him for his 8th Grade graduation.

A special note about Alex:  He marches to the beat of his own drum.  He doesn’t go along with the crowd.  He has always shown outward signs of his faith. The saint he chose – Saint Polycarp, is a testament to Alex’s independent but “true to self “way of life.  Saint Polycarp was A second generation disciple and martyr who was steadfast in the ways of Christ.  In the face of popular unchristian trends.  

Our gift to Mary Jo was a stress relief bag of goodies from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It was a great time visiting, laughing and reminiscing on the past.

Afterwards, Mary Jo and Greg took off for home and we went for a walk on a nearby trail.  I played with the camera in my new phone.  We also tried to do some action shots along the way.  See below for these and other pictures.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to watch a feel good movie on this rainy Sunday…try “Saint Ralph.”  It’s rated PG-13 (so not for everyone).  However, it is a really heart warming movie and some inspiration for runners too.

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