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Fighting Through To Power Up For Fall Marathon

It’s day 11 and still going strong with new diet and exercise plan.  No picnic though.  Tough schedules, banquet food, stress and long days at the office can easily throw me off track if not prepared with back up plan.  So far – I’m winning that battle but really struggle to stay on top.  The alternative…fall off and settle for what I carry in body weight then try to train for marathon with such.  That isn’t an option for me.  So I sacrifice now for future goals.

Yesterday I checked in with my friend Stephanie at Diet Center and had another body fat test.  Here’s what it showed after 10 days:

Weight Fat Lbs Fat % Lean Lbs Lean Loss RMR TCER
Goal 140 28 20 112 0 1750 2300
16-Apr 165.3 53.5 32.3 111.8 0 1647 2215
26-Apr 163.5 48.8 29.8 114.7 -3 1678 2250

I lost 4.7 pounds from fat.  I gained 2.9 pounds  of lean tissue (muscle hopefully) which shifted my body fat percentage down by 2.5%.  My overall weight loss remains at just shy of 2 pounds.  Resting metabolic rate is up 31 calories and total caloric energy rate up by 35 calories too.

Overall in the 10 days I’ve also lost a total of 8.5 inches from neck to calves.  At the end of my weight loss phase from 1994 I lost a total of 45 inches.  Therefore, in 10 days I trimmed off almost 20% of what could be my total loss of inches in the end.

It’s all good and the momentum is building.  Those who know me also know I’m hell on charting data.  So of course I had to chart these numbers too.  See below.

2 comments on “Fighting Through To Power Up For Fall Marathon

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Good job, Anne! very interesting!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks MJ! The Confirmation Mass was really nice last night too. Alex was feeling pretty proud. See you Saturday. Thanks again for being his sponsor.

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