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Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning.  First gift…Alex got a box of socks.  Second gift…a box full of underwear.  Third gift…gift card.   Jim and I made a couple of larger purchases and decided that would be our Christmas.  Alex felt that there had to be more somewhere.  Then after some time had passed Jim asked Alex to get something out of his car in the garage….

Bamm!!!!  He walked into garage, turned light on then turned right around and gave us both big hugs.  He was really happy.

Alex’s car…

Jim and Jon (nephew) went to pick the car up last night.  After they got back, Jon said he couldn’t believe Alex was already old enough to drive much less have a car.

Alex may be a teenager that’s more than half way through high school, but in our eyes he will always be…our little boy.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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