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Favorite Christmas Movies and Books

Okay, I’ve been holding off on doing this but now…here it is, my all time favorite Christmas movies:

Rank Title Directors Year
1 Bells of St. Mary’s Leo McCarey 1945
2 Going My Way Leo McCarey 1945
3 It’s a Wonderful Life Frank Capra 1946
4 White Christmas Michael Curtiz 1954
5 The Homecoming (The Waltons) Fielder Cook 1971
6 Miracle on 34th Street George Seaton 1947
7 The Little Drummer Boy Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr. 1968
8 Pocket Full of Miracles Frank Capra 1961
9 Holiday Inn Mark Sandrich 1942
10 The Littlest Angel Joe Layton 1951
11 Scrooged Richard Donner 1988
12 A Christmas Story Bob Clark 1983
13 Home Alone Chris Columbus 1990
14 A Charlie Brown Christmas Bill Melendez 1965
15 The House Without A Christmas Tree Paul Bogart 1972
16 A Christmas Wife David Jones 1988
17 Elf Jon Favreau 2003
18 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Kizo Nagashima, Larry Roemer 1964
19 Frosty the Snowman Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr. 1969

Best Christmas Movies.csv

The Home Book of Christmas (May Lamberton Becker) is a family favorite.  When I was really young, my sister read aloud to me, some of the wonderful stories.  I put a new cover on the book (it was falling apart) and gave to her for Christmas several years back.  Then she found a copy and gifted it to me a few years later.  I love this book so much.  Some of my favorite stories from it are:

1. Jimmy Scarecrow’s Christmas by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

2.The First Christmas Tree by Eugene Field

3. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson

There are many more too.

Finally, I also was a fan of Little House on the Prairie as a kid and even later years.  There was an episode called, The Lord Is My Shepherd.  Description:  Convinced that she is responsible for her brother’s death, Laura runs to the mountains in the middle of the night. Atop the mountain with her is Jonathan, a kindly old man who helps her reaffirm her.

Watch it with your kids – great stuff.

What are your favorite Christmas movies, books, etc.?  Let’s compare lists…I may have forgotten some.

Merry Christmas to you and your families!


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