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Morning Musings After Dancing with the Stars

My dancing with the stars is different from the one that features celebs on TV.  It’s the middle of the night run under the stars to the 24 hour Walgreen’s.  At 3 am I woke with migraine…all 4 of my pills that I purchased a couple of weeks ago – gone.  Call 24 hour Walgreen’s, drive to pick up under a star covered velvety black sky.  Swerve – so out of control oncoming car misses my red VW bug.  I don’t think he ever saw me.  Trip there is like a fast Samba.  Took medicine @ 3:20 am with bottle of water I grabbed on way out of house.  Trip home is similar to a slow waltz down Mo Blvd – pausing (car in other lane so couldn’t move over…probably another Walgreen’s customer) for the 2 opossums too busy feeding on something to move out of my way.  Then arriving home to wait for relief.

Can begin to think about making coffee @ 4:30 am.  Start looking at computer at 5 am.  With ice pack on the back of my neck, begin walking around to deal with nausea and waiting for sledge hammer to head kind of pain to dissipate.  Throw out coffee and get water.  Around 6 am become very sleepy.  Then the pain begins to diminish.  I am always glad when I don’t have to take another pill to get the headache to go away.  There is still remnants of the headache, but the crushing pain is gone.  At this point, it’s 6:30 am and too late to get running in before work.  Therefore, I will need to do it this evening or around noon.

This was a shot from my deck at 6:30 as sun began coming up.  It will be another beautiful fall day.  I love that!  I’m going to try to get out to take advantage of it before the season gets away from me.

When Alex was younger, he and I would take off on days like this for an all morning bike ride or a day trip somewhere.  He’s older now but would love to do that again even still.  He’s learning to drive now so bicycles and such are not top of mind.  We are still going to try and do that at least once this fall.

Today I need to get 4 miles in and my legs have had a rest since Saturdays 10 miles so it’s on with the training.

This is the 6:50 am shot from the deck.

I love fall.

Have a great day!


One comment on “Morning Musings After Dancing with the Stars

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    It is beautiful! Wish we had more time to enjoy it! Sorry about the migraine!

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