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Good Food and Fall TV – Jill Zarin…You’re Better Off

While i was out on my 10 miler yesterday.  Jim was busy cooking here at home.  I walked in and he had the bread baked, the meat grilled (hamburgers and Chicken breasts), Chili made and cleaned/cut carrots and celery for the week.  Isn’t  that nice.  I still need to make a salad, tuna  salad and pumpkin muffins but that’s not much in comparison.

Way to go Jim!

Of course, we don’t agree on how the Chili should be made.  The discussion is ongoing.  Jim uses less tomato juice and more meat then adds tomatoes.  I may have to doctor it a little.

I am feeling pretty good today.  No sore muscles or such.  Yesterday was a different story.  I plan to ride my exercise bike for some cross training today – no impact.  Drinking lots of water too.

Running on the wood chip trails yesterday was like putting my foot down on a pillow compared to running on asphalt.  I am going to take a break from the asphalt for the week.   Maybe visiting those trails some more.  Will have to do at least 4 – 5 laps to make up 4 miles.  That could get monotonous.

I have to go out-of-town Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Thursday and Friday nights, I’m overnight again.  I am going to have to get my running in though still.  So I’m going to plan on 4 miles – Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday mornings and then Saturday afternoon – the 11 mile run.  Saturday will be my last long run before the half marathon.  I can’t believe it’s that close.

Can’t wait for premier of Amazing Race.  It’s my favorite show and is on Sunday night so I usually get to see it.

Also, Jill Zarin wont’ be on the NY  Housewives this season.  I hope she comes back with her own design show on Oxygen or TLC and it airs in same time slot as Bravos NY Housewives.  I never liked all the ridiculous fighting.  Jill, raise the bar…set a higher standard.  We want programs to inspire us.

One comment on “Good Food and Fall TV – Jill Zarin…You’re Better Off

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    I fix chili like Jim. Very little tomato juice. George likes it your way.

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