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Running/Walking = Smaller Waist – 5 Inches Smaller

I couldn’t believe the difference!  I went back to a website that I use now and then to help me calculate calories, exercise and such.  It’s great if you’re looking for such. – After training and running/walking in the April half marathon and then the training for the October half marathon I was feeling like there is no hope in losing a great deal of weight any more.  I always seem to lose 5 pounds and then slowly gain it back through out the training.  I know muscle weighs more and such but I don’t see a drastic difference in my clothes either.  Recently I checked my measurements – didn’t see anything moving there either.  I couldn’t find the measurements I took a few months back but felt they were the same.  Then this morning I found those I took 1 year ago and logged in the site, and saw that my waist has shrunk 5 inches since October 2010.

Measurement Date Amount
Waist 09/22/11 28
Waist 03/19/11 31
Waist 10/06/10 33

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  My neck is 1/2 inch smaller but hips were the same.  Wow – 5 inches!  I’ll take it.  This caused me to dig up other measurements taken in past.  Here’s some from 2008:

Measurement Date Amount
Thigh 07/30/08 24
Waist 07/30/08 32
hips 07/30/08 40.5

Between 2007 and 2010, I slowly gained 20 pounds and gained several inches – especially around middle.   Menopause plays a big part in weight gain for women in 40’s/50’s but while it’s harder to stay in shape, it isn’t impossible.  I am not exactly sure why my hips stayed the same though.  However, Thighs also are much smaller – I measured today  – 20″ and in 2008 – 24″.  The best I have ever been and my goal.

Oct-10 Jul-08 Sep-11 Best Goal Yet to Lose
Chest 39 37 38 36 34 2
Waist 33 32 28 28 24 4
Hips 42 40.5 42 37 34 8
Thighs 24 24 20 20 19 1

I need to lose more in my hips to get back into some of my clothes that I have grown out of.  I’m getting there though.

Also, I seem to deal with stress so much better with increased activity.  If you struggle with depression – get out and walk or run.  Studies now show that it has the same impact as an anti-depressant.  Also, even though I am plugged into my Ipod I use that time for prayer too.

Get out and walk or run for 30 minutes to an hour each day…you’ll be glad you did – I know I am.

Have a great day!

2 comments on “Running/Walking = Smaller Waist – 5 Inches Smaller

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Wow!! Congratulations!!! I couldn’t believe you were doing all this exercise and not losing something. Runners typically have a lower percentage of fat. So you may be more muscle than anything.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Mary Jo! I have a ways to go but I think my fat percentage is in the upper 20’s. I found a site the determines it based on height, weight, etc. It said mine was 27% roughly. When I was in top condition in 1994 after diet and exercise program, I was at 18% which is now considered unhealthy for women.

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