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Just 5 Weeks till Race Day

These last few weeks before any race, a larger part of my day is taken up with running.  Also, it makes it harder to get everything done.  The weekends long run usually leaves me a bit drained so I need some time to recover.  Then the daily runs/exercise also takes more time too.  If you are like me and in the same boat, just tell yourself, it’s okay.  Unless you are expecting company soon…it’s okay if you didn’t get all the housework in or other weekly/daily chores.  That is part of the sacrifice when training for such.  That’s the way I see it anyway.  There should be a support group for Mom’s training for long runs.  We’d probably all would commiserate about such.  Then give each other the support and approval to let it go.  The trade-off though is a stronger and healthier you.  It seems selfish to have so much focus on yourself.  I always begin feeling that way as I go into the last few weeks before a race.  Sometimes I will take Alex with me so at least we are spending time together while I train.  Jim has not been that active so it would be too much for him.

Something else that changes these last few weeks. is the 1 or 2 glasses of wine in the evening.  As I cook or unwind from the day, I like  to have a glass of wine.  However, I had to give that up a few weeks back.  Besides the additional calories, it also is dehydrating.  I am forever trying to get all my water in and to do so I’m finding I am drinking a lot less caffeine and definitely alcohol is not on the list.

Food and Food Habits
I have been taking my lunch more and eating the 6 meals a day instead of just 3 – this bumps up metabolism and keeps blood sugar level if you eat a little protein along with carbs (complex carbs are best).  What would those snacks in between meals be??? Something as quick and simple as a handful of almonds and carrots/celery or yogurt and Melba toast.  I also like cottage cheese and Melbas.  Lately it’s been the almonds and such because it’s fast and I keep the can of almonds in desk drawer.  Also have a pack in my purse – rubber band it after taking out a few.  They stave off hunger.   I may need to begin adding more to that to get my energy up.  Also, the food you fix at home is more wholesome – has less salt in it too.  If you are trying to make a healthier you, fix your food at home.  Yes, you can eat out now and then, but if you do so too often, it will show.  I have to be more organized to successfully carry this off.  So that’s one reason I cook so much on the weekend.  I still have to get a couple of things fixed.  I didn’t get the clam chowder done.  That will be something good to do about mid-week.  I also add a boiled egg to every lunch – in the salad or just plain.  The extra protein is a good thing during training.

I always take a lot of vitamins and minerals but I bump up  my vitamin C for the last few weeks of training.  Immune system takes a hit during this period and after the race it is lowered for about 2 weeks…not a good time to be around anyone that is sick.  I use hand sanitizer a lot especially during that period.  I take a multi vitamin for women 50+ then add to it calcium, iron, vitamin c and chromium.  Chromium also keeps blood sugar level too.

Trial Run
I always take everything with me and try to wear what I plan to for the race, when I do my long runs.  That way I know if something is going to cause me any issues.  Shoes are good, clothes, headband – all good.  What’s causing me issues is that irritating Ipod cord to the ear buds and the Camelbak.  I ended up putting my Ipod on my Camelbak half way through my run Sunday.  It was so hot against my arm and that cord was more than distracting.  As I’ve said before, the more you wear – equipment, the more you have to fool with such.  I sold my Garmin, so I won’t be messing with that.  I also have decided if Ipod music isn’t quite right…too bad.  Don’t stop to mess with it.  The Camelbak is restricting and hot against my back.  Then when combined with the irritating Ipod cord that gets caught on such it causes me to lose time fixing ear buds, fixing cord, readjusting pak, etc.  I am going to look into wireless ear buds but I don’t want to spend much money.  I am probably going to look into other water options too.  Maybe try some things that others have suggested.  These are issues that are good to have resolved before the race.  It was always cooler for the other two half marathons I have participated in before.  This one is in warmer weather so it requires different options for clothes and equipment.

Well time to get on with the day.  So have a great start to the work week and may all good things come to you especially today.


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