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Power Cooking

I think I’ve mentioned that I do all the cooking for the week in 1 or 2 days.  Usually 3 entres, 2 sides, a salad, and some things to snack on too.  I still have granola from 2 weeks ago.  It keeps about 6 weeks.  However, I am also baking a couple of loaves of bread and pumpkin muffins.  Here’s the first batch.  The bite-size ones also have cranberries in them.  They will be gone by tomorrow.  I made another dozen to add t this.  Then after all are cooled I pack them up in a sealed storage bag and leave on counter beside granola.  I already made Alex’s taco hamburger meat.  He heats that up all week wrapped in tortillas.  Yet to be fixed:  Chicken salad, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Roasted Whole Chicken, Corn on the Cobb and whipped potatoes.

I’m also moving our exercise bike into living room so I can get in some cross training of an evening – also helps keep me limber.  Feeling kind of tired today after the 8 miler yesterday. It is beautiful outside right now.  Kind of cool actually.  I’m not running today.  If I were it would definitely be outside.  Jim and Alex are trying to stay busy in other parts of the house.  They did a phenomenal job watering everything outside this summer.  Many around us had a lot of suffering flowers and such.  Ours really did well.  It’s sad, but it’s time to get ready to close the pool.  So Ode To A Great Summer enjoy the pics of our backyard….

2 comments on “Power Cooking

  1. Dolores says:

    Makes me hungry! Sounds good…You are such a good mom! So motivating too!

  2. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Pix are great! Food sounds good!! So sad to hear you are closing the pool. I was going to try to make it over for a dip, but really worked hard this weekend.

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