(8) 14 minute miles…

Well today was the weeks long run.  I did it outside too.  Started at the Capitol then went out to Memorial Park – twice around it. Then a few blocks further and back past Capitol to Monroe and end up in front of Capitol.  I did it with my Camelbak on – I go back and forth with that thing.  It’s heavy and restricting.  However, I know I get enough water with it – I typically don’t otherwise.  My Ipod cord gets caught on it and I end up fooling around with all that stuff.  I am going to try a couple of other things – but I may end up getting wireless ear buds which would help.  I felt kind of stiff the first few miles – till about mile 4.  I think I need to do more of a warm up.  After I was more limber things went better.  I stopped after 4 miles and did a lot of stretches.  Then I did more running.  The Camelbak though tends to weigh me down which I don’t need anymore than that since I already am carrying 160 pounds.

Hey but I’m 5 pounds lighter now lost 5 pounds this week – finally the scale is tipping.  Now I just have to lose another 10 – 15 before the race.

I don’t know if you noticed but I said something about black hair.  I started with a new hair-dresser and she was trying to add highlights and lowlights.  However, I think she went a shade too dark with low lights – also got the two confused or something.  So for a couple of days I have hair that’s a few shades lighter than black.  This is me downtown after my long-run today.  I had a head-band that push hair up so that’s why I have no bangs.  I’m getting  the color fixed this week.   Here’s what it usually looks like.  That’s me after I did 3 or 4 miles a couple of weeks ago.

Jim actually  says he likes the darker hair, but it’s going.  What are some good warm up exercises?  Tell me what you do to warm up for a run.

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