The Good Son

Last night at 10:30 my son Alex was one of 11 students that went up to Columbia to meet the Honor Flight coming back from DC with WWII vets aboard.  They greeted the vets with welcome home signs.  He told one of them that his Grandfather was also a WWII vet.  They got back to school about 1 am.  When he called to be picked up, I woke to the sound of Jim saying “get the phone.  Get the phone.”  I fumbled around but finally answered.  I went to get him but didn’t mind.  I was glad he volunteered to do this.  He’s a good kid.

Well today I took off for KC again but before leaving, I did 2.5 miles on my treadmill.  Amazingly enough, one of the people I met with today is also in the KC Half Marathon coming up.  Also, my donations climbed to $350 today – Thanks  Bob and Mary Jane!!!  Thanks also to all who have donated – I really appreciate it.  If you’d like to donate click on the button below to go  to my fundraising page.   Thanks again to all and know that  all proceeds are going to help pregnant women in need through 2 pregnancy care centers.


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