New York City Half Marathon…Amazing Race

The NYC Half Marathon has come and gone.  It was an amazing race with Mo Farah, Portland, Oregon taking 1st in 1 hour.  There were about 450 women that were age 50+ with Jean Pare age 50 running 1:25 – WOW!  The largest age group of the 10,000 runners was 25 – 29 @ 2092.  Women outnumbered the men by 674 or 7%.  To gain entry to the race, NYRR holds a lottery.  This race is a warm-up to the NYC Marathon and both are for serious runners.  Also, if you thought you are too old to run, think about this: 77-year-old Ginette Bedard ran the 13.1 miles in 2:07.  The last to finish the race ran a time of 3:26 age 35.  

As for me, I was really tired still Sunday but attributed part of that to the cold I’m fighting.  I am beginning to recover from that and muscles feel fine.  Ready to move forward with the final leg of my training.

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