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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Running in More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon April 3rd Central Park

The excitement is building…the days are peeling by fast.  I’ve been battling a head cold and since Saturday have not run anymore to give it time to clear.  Maybe tonight I’ll be able to get in a few miles.  I’ve been watching the weather. 

There is a 15 day forecast site that changes everyday as weather forecasts do.  It started out with rain and 40’s for race day.  Then went to cloudy and 40’s and now show’s cloudy and 60 with rain later in day.  Here’s the deal – if it’s 50 or above and clear, that means shorts.  If it’s under 50, for me it’s tights.  I’m not a fast runner so I don’t generate as much heat as those that are well under 14 minute miles.  My BMI is 24.7 while most  fast marathon runners BMI’s are <19.  My best weight when I was in my early 30’s only moves my BMI to 22.  A “19” for me would be 40 pounds from where I am right now.  I also haven’t lost hardly any weight since I began increasing my miles but instead have built a lot of muscle.  After the half marathon, I plan to keep running 3 to 5 miles 3-4 times a week to try to lose the excess.  

There are some very creative and informative fitness and running blogs online.  Hats off to all.  There’s a strong community of runners online most from North America and each  offers a full dose of positive motivation and encouragement.   I enjoy reading them but also I gain a lot by the creative energy each exudes.  Do some cyber surfing and go “fitness/running blog hunting” – you’ll come away feeling like running a marathon too. 

By the way…can someone recommend best cold remedy?  Sinus’s won’t stop draining.   Using Claritan, Sudafed and Nasonex spray.  Open to suggestions.  What works for you?

Have a great day!

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