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Today is the NYC Half Marathon – Watch at NYRR.ORG Internet TV

Sometime I hope to run in the NYC Half or even Full Marathon.  I have a long way to go to make the full 26.2 mile run

Yesterdays 10 mile run took so much out of me.  I think I should have paid more attention to loading up on carbs before hand.  I ate as I would normally and I drank about 40 ounces of water during and immediately after run.  I ate 4 energy beans probably 50 calories and some beef jerky.  Yet I was so drained afterwards.  I made a conscious choice not to run with the Camelback full of water, but I drank more water when I had it with me. 

I wonder if there was more I could do to keep from getting so exhausted and drained.  Any runners reading this, tell me what you do to prevent such.

My feet were sore afterwards but no blisters.  I am trying to change-up my foot strike from heel to mid foot.  This new strike of course was bound to cause some new soreness.  Today they are okay though.  My leg muscles are revolting this morning from the work I put them through.  I didn’t mention it before, but I also have a sinus cold.  I loaded up on Clariton, Sudafed and a nasal spray and after first 2 miles, that was a non issue.  The wind was irritating to them though.  Mile 2 is always tough – that is when my muscles are waking up and protesting another workout.  Once I pushed through to mile 3, they were fine.  I always know that – recognize it as such and then it goes away.

I am so inspired and excited when I watch other running events now.  Today we have to work at a fundraiser for my son’s school but before and afterwards, I’m watching the half marathon activities online while trying to get some other things done – like cooking for the week.  I’m behind as usual with all my weekly chores.  However, for me right now, this half marathon training is front and center.  Thinking through what I need before, during and afterwards is critical.  I have lots of lists and itineraries that I keep updating. 

Race Week itinerary

  • Thursday:  Arrive at hotel and check out the city.
  • Friday:  6:30: Be at CBS This Morning for More Half Marathon Group Intro on Morning Show.  Health Expo: pick up race number, goody bag, shirt and check out activities/vendors.  Walk course at Central Park.
  • Saturday: 6:30: Be at CBS This Morning for More Half Marathon Intro on Morning Show.  Go to local grocery store to stock frig in room with scrupulous snacks for after race.  Mass at St. Patrick’s, Runners Pasta Dinner @ BB King Blues Bar and Grill with More Magazine – meet other runners.
  • Sunday:  Be in position ready to run: 7:20 am for 8:00 race.  Post race activities if not raining and able to stand it or cab back to hotel and rest with my refrigerator stocked full of good nutritious snacking food, computer to surf for race results and a lot of ice. 
  • Monday: Enjoy NYC
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