Longrun Done – 14 Minute Miles – 10 of them and 1107 Calories Burned – I Need a Steak!

Well I’m done with the long runs until the event – 2 weeks from tomorrow.  I am exhausted.  I hate to admit it too.  Actually last year I felt a lot better after the 10 mile jaunt, but I really pushed myself today.  I started at my house and when I got to the Capitol went on past and down Capitol Ave.  and back around several times to end up with 10 miles.  I ran into the wind the entire time.  I wore shorts and all the usual garb, and my new shoes.  It was a good run.  Averaging 14 minute miles.  I know for experienced runners that is slow.  For me though, it’s great!  I will be doing 3 – 5 mile runs over the coursre of next 2 weeks.  Really tired…signing off…zzzzzzz.


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    • Thanks Dolores. The new tennis shoes were great – they’ll be even better once the newness wears off. My knees are good – muscles sore and tired. I’m still exhausted. Partly due to cold too. It is all I can do to get ready for Church and fundraiser today. I just want to go back to bed. Pretty sad… Have a great day! Anne

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