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Run Under the Super Moon – Longest Training Run Tomorrow

Saturday is the night of the “supermoon” – a full moon when it is closest to earth.  Has not happened for 19 years.  This and other spectacular photo images can be seen at

Well after complaining (whining) about my knee pain that surfaced after my long run last week, I took the advice of “Be A Runner” and looked to my shoes as the instigators of problem.  I had a gate analysis done at a place called “The Starting Block” after answering a few questions and watching a video of my bare feet running on their treadmill, I was presented with a variety of options.  We narrowed those down and I left there wearing 2 clouds of billowy soft cushiony but motion controlling jet propelled racing shoes… Asics Gel Kayano 10.  My poor Saucony Pro Grids that saw me through last years training and half marathon were put in a shoe box and as the lid closed you could almost hear the sound of a bugle playing taps.  That closed the chapter on those shoes and all of the excitement they carried me to and from.  The many, many miles, etc.  I felt a relationship ending and a new one beginning.  Oh and I failed to mention, they were a full size too small which explains the black toe nail (bruising).

My new shoes are like those that the Greek mythological character Hermes the messenger wore flanked with wings.

Seriously, I received a lot of good advice from the gentleman that helped me too.  A long time runner and teacher, he was full of information.  I wanted to grab my phone and tape some of what he was telling me but at the risk of looking foolish, I didn’t.

My 10.5 mile run, the last long run before my race, is tomorrow – come on along…

2 comments on “Run Under the Super Moon – Longest Training Run Tomorrow

  1. Dlauf says:

    you do have a way with words!! Good Luck with your run today. I’m sure the new shoes will make a difference. Love reading your posts…: )

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! Have a great (and restful) weekend. Anne

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