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Garmin Forerunner on My Virtual Garage Sale

Last year I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405 watch to help me train for a half marathon. I haven’t used it as much this year so I’m putting it up for sale.  I added it to my virtual garage sale website  I think this years theme for me is to minimize the gadgets I’m running with and to focus more on running faster.  The sooner I cross the finish line the less I need to take along with me.  Also, the signage at this event  is such that I can get by without it. 

It is exciting to think that in 2 weeks, I’ll be shoving off for NYC.  I know I’ve said this before but I definitely feel like Eva Gabor in Green Acres Into – watch.  However, I need to be more like the Road Runner and visualize myself crossing the finish line under 3 hours averaging 13.5 minute miles.   

After this half marathon is over, I plan to keep up my training and would like to run a half marathon in the fall.  Then maybe begin looking at a full marathon.  Well…maybe.

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