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Donald Trump and Timmy

Sunday night at our house is built around Donald Trump‘s Apprentice and the Amazing Race.  Last year, Trump made a child’s dream come true by creating this video with him.  I love this – you will too…watch

Today is the day for cooking.  We go to Church, then in afternoon, I make the salad for the week.  Later I fix a couple of entre’s and maybe another side.  The salad always stays fresh as the day I make it because I spin all the water off of it with my salad spinner.  Usually it is a mixture of Butter and Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe some peppers.  That goes in a big Tupperware bowl for the week.  Then I do something with chicken breasts – I think today I’m cutting them up and browning bite size pieces in a little Olive Oil with red/green bell peppers and sweet onions.  The key to great taste is the carmelization of the peppers and onions with higher heat.  The chicken is browned first then I remove and do the same with peppers and onions, then put together.  If you mix in Taco seasoning it makes a great lunch wrapped in a warmed corn tortilla.  Corn T’s can be warmed after wrapping all exposed tortilla with a long paper towel – 3 squares and microwave for 30 seconds.  You can add whatever you want on top after you have wrapped your chicken mixture inside – usually a tablespoon or two of chicken/peppers.  I add salsa on top of mine and usually have two or three.

Another item I like to make is chicken salad with sliced grapes and light mayo.  My husband doesn’t like Curry so I don’t put it in ours very often, but if you want to spice it up, I suggest you add it – I love it!  The best chicken salad is when you shred the cooked chicken breasts with a fork.  I don’t like it chunky.  Everyone is different. 

There is also the option of grilling some marinated chicken breasts and then adding to salads through out week.  Also wrap in tortillas too.  As you can tell, I love Mexican food

Other options are Chicken Chili, Chicken Lasagna, etc.  What are some of your lighter chicken recipes?  I like to fix fish also.  A regular staple at our house is tuna salad.  That is usually in the frig too.  Tuna stuffed potatoes for you potato people like me.  Whole Salmon stuffed with onions, lemon and butter wrapped in foil and grilled all afternoon – really good!  I don’t cook fish dishes for the week – usually those are solely for the day or night’s dinner. 

Also, vegies with seasonings are always good through week.  Asparagus is in season  April through June.  Buy a bundle or two each week.  It is wonderful.  One very easy way to fix is to blanch it.  Bend Asparagus until it breaks – discard bottoms after washing and then drop in boiling water for about 3 – 5 minutes then remove and add a little butter and seasoning then serve.  Also grilling asparagus is the best!  I have a grill pan for vegetables the I use.  Brush with Olive oil and go. 

Making food ahead ensures that no matter what time everyone arrives home at night through week, there is always something good and wholesome ready to heat up that tastes good and is good for you.  That is critical to my success when trying to stick with a healthy eating plan. 

What is your way of managing such???

Have a great day

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