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Click here to see a (side-ways) clip of my wrap up of todays effort.

I know there are a lot of pretty savy people reading this – tell me how to rotate the video…thanks.

I feel pretty good about it – I averaged 15 minute miles, so I am going to need to pick up the pace.  Next week is the 10 miler although I almost did that today.  I’ve got to get all 13 miles in under 14 minutes each.  I’ve got a little time left and will be working on it. 

It was a sunny day today – I started out about 7:30 and the temp was about 46 degrees.  I wore my tights, under armor shirt, jacket and head band.  I put all the stuff (phone, Ipod, tissues, energy beans, beef jerky, and $5) in pockets.  I didn’t use the Camelback again and am almost convinced I am not going to need it in NYC.  I stopped at a quick shop each way and bought a bottle of water.  I only had to use bathroom once.  I was a little warm, but there was a breeze that was still pretty cool so I was comfortable.  If it had been slightly warmer, I may have shed the jacket and moved to shorts. 

I am really tired and did get a blister even though I had my trusty blister free socks.  However, I switched back to a pair of shoes that I thought offered more arch support, but now may go back to my “old faithfuls.” 

Also, pray for the poor people in Japan.  If you haven’t done so yet, please donate to the Red Cross.  There is a lot we will need to do in the coming weeks and months to assist them.  Hopefully, the after-shocks subside, the Core in the Nuclear Plant is able to be cooled and things stabilize to allow those offering aid to reach the victims.

2 comments on “9.72…Done

  1. Great job! 😀

    The Grumpy Man

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