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4 comments on “Training Time Again

  1. renchick says:

    What a motivational website (and thx for following mine)! I used to literal dream of running, the freedom and wind in my hair but I’ve pretty much given up because of the blisters it causes. Any suggestions for preventing the them?

    1. Anne says:

      Don’t give up because of blisters. Once they heal get 2 things moisture wicking socks and a product called “Glide.” It has the consistency of a roll on deoderant but reduces friction. I have run 5 half’s and 1 full and never had blisters, just black toe nails from bruising.

      Good luck to you and…never give up!

      1. renchick says:

        Hmmm. I’ll look for glide (I get blisters even walking! Grrrr!). Know about the bruising too. Lost both big toenails twice! Anyway thx for the tips and encouragement, keep it up!

      2. Anne says:

        Did your toe nails grow back? Moisture wicking socks is most important. I grease my feet with the glide. I feel you can’t use too much. Let me know how it goes.

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