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The Last Long Run Before More Half Marathon

The 11 miles is finished.  So tired.  Yesterday – rain.  Waited till today and glad I did.  It was beautiful…

We met Mary Jo, George and Greg for brunch after church this morning @ 11:30.  It was family style fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, slaw and bread.  So good.  Only ate small portions though I  did eat 2 pieces of chicken (white meat and thigh).  Normally we have a larger family gathering but this year it didn’t work out – while we missed seeing everyone – this was good too.

Then 2 hours later set out on my long run.  I wore a brace on my left knee which has still been giving me a little trouble, but nothing like last week.  That brace really helped – taking that baby to New York for sure.

At first my muscles were so tight.  Felt like scissor legs with a rubber band around them – for about half mile.  Then after about 3 they started to limber up.  After mile 5 I forced myself to take a “Power Pack.”  I then stopped at mile 6 to do stretches.  Then stretched again after I finished.  Will be doing a lot of stretching, leg extensions and short runs over the next 2 weeks to build up my flexibility for the race.

Okay, back to the chicken dinner…I know that meal is not what you eat before running – especially 11 miles, but it’s Easter!

Nausea set in about mile 6 after I ran a really steep  and long hill.  For those who live in JC – it’s the hill on Edgewood (Mexican Restaurant side) just before it meets 179.  After I made it to the top, I could feel stomach was upset.  Pushed through it then about mile 9 I had to walk it out to get stomach to settle.  Battled through that for the duration.  I’m sure the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. had nothing to do with it :).  Okay…but it was still good and worth it to get together with family too.  Just finished a Sprite and nausea is almost gone.

We had the pleasure of having my brother Greg visit this weekend while Mary Jo took care of the Easter preparations for catechumens/parish, etc.  Greg is so funny…if anything is out-of-place, he has to move it back, whether you want it moved or not.  When Greg lived with us, I’d leave myself notes and then leave the room and Greg would quickly get up and pitch them to keep things neat and tidy.  He was very busy the last couple of nights turning off lights, moving chairs, etc.  I’d give him a bottle of water to have by his bed (to sip through the night as needed), Greg promptly reaches for it and downs it in a few gulps.  That’s Greg.  Here’s a picture of him, with Jim and Alex last summer after Church.

Alex Greg and Jim in front of St. Peter's Rectory

Well Tonight is Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.  Good thing because I am probably not going to be doing much else – run wore me out.

10 comments on “The Last Long Run Before More Half Marathon

  1. Dolores says:

    Seeing that picture makes me smile, it’s a keeper! Weekends with Greg always includes lots of smiles and laughs. Glad to hear your runs are going better with your knee. Happy Easter!

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks, I almost called you to go to Katy Trail with your bike…then I figured you would still be with family. Happy Easter to you all too!

  3. victorianeedstoeat says:

    Congratulations on finishing your long run. I hope you have a very well deserved relaxing evening 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks Victoria!

  5. Mary Jo says:

    Thanks for keeping Greg this weekend!! Glad you got your run in!!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! He is welcome any time.

  6. Ja says:

    Congratulations on your long run! 🙂 It will get easier when you taper down. 🙂

    For my last half marathon, I run it in 3-mile chunks. It was a good strategy for me, that way, it would be like just running a bunch of 5ks rather than thinking of it as 13.1 miles which would seem long. 🙂

    Goodluck on your half! 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Jaliza – Thanks so much – Just went to your site – your blog is awesome!
      May be following the 3-mile chunk strategy this time around. Stop by again.

  7. Jennifer Lilly says:

    Hi Anne, I’m Jennifer Lilly. I’m from Indianapolis. I’m running the More Fitness Half on April 14th too. I think I read that you’ve run this race a few times.i have some silly questions, wondering if you can answer them. If it’s cold that morning and you want to shed an outer layer (long sleeve shirt) after a mile or two, is it acceptable on this course? Is the bag check reliable? And close by? I am coming by myself so I don’t have anyone to hang on to stuff for me while I run. Thank you!

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Jennifer – No silly questions here. Absolutely, there is a trail of clothes always through out the route in the park. The bag check is reliable, but I only used it the first time I ran course in 2010. My stuff did get wet and I forgot to go back and get it, so they delivered it to the NYRR office and I got it there the next day. I didn’t even bother with it other years. The bag check was a little bit of a walk from the start. If you can, run with your essentials in a belt or fanny pack and forget the bag. I wrote an article about do’s and don’ts – some apply specifically to this race, below is the link. Also, I did the 2011 by myself. Loved it. I run with a belted pouch and it has room key, cab fare, Gu and maybe a couple of other things. My email is if you have other questions. This is my 3rd time running this race. It’s so much fun. Thanks for stopping by and stay in touch – good luck to you.

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