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Finished 8 Miles and Packing

Back home after run this afternoon.  Been busy getting ready for trip.  Creating and marking off all of my many lists.


I usually over-pack…trying not to this time.


Going to NYC with a friend of mine.  Jim and Alex will be cheering us on from home.

Really excited.  I haven’t run the More/fitness Half Marathon since 2011.


A video someone shot of that race…

Toes are ready for combat…They are black any way – bruised from training…again, so knowing more bruising is on the way, I just painted them black.

photo (4)

Now it’s time for…”Tattle Tail Corner.”

Jim thought he’d do Cypress a favor last week and got her a hair cut.

photo (7)

Poor Cypress…photo (8)

Are  Siberian‘s supposed to have their hair trimmed???  Let’s take a look…


She’s an indoor dog so I’m assuming she’ll survive it (us).   Just had to give Jim a hard time about it. 🙂

Then when I was driving home from KC Friday…

Passed a fire …You could see the smoke for miles.  All I could tell as I passed that it was a structure that was burning but couldn’t tell what it was.  Fire trucks were on the way.

photo (5)Time to get back on track and continue my quest to prepare for NYC and More/fitness Half Marathon.  Also, the Apprentice is starting soon.

Something to make you smile…Have a great week!

photo (6)

4 comments on “Finished 8 Miles and Packing

  1. Argh. I hate my toes — for that exact reason! Running is definitely not easy on ’em. They have improved immensely since buying shoes that fit properly, but marked up feet is pretty much inevitable, I think.

    Can’t wait to hear how your race goes!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Sarah! Exciting! This is Kristina’s first half marathon. She is so excited she can’t sleep. So proud of her. She and I are the most unlikely friends but she has got such a great sense of humor that we were drawn together. Also, a very hard worker and strives to always reach for success. Glad to be able to share in the excitement.

  2. Jennifer Lilly says:

    Hi Anne! Loved seeing the post on your toes! I did the same thing…black nail polish. I’m in the midst of packing, unpacking and repacking too. I’m so excited for Sunday! Good luck!

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      It looks like it is going to be in the 50’s the morning of the run. I’m still going to pack both sets of running clothes for warm and cool whether. Did you get the email to be at GMA in NYC Fri @ 7:30 from More/fitness Half?? They are gathering a group together to get some publicity. Two years ago we met at Today show. That’s funny about the polish. Stay in touch and if you get any pictures and want to share them, I’ll share them on my blog. Thanks so much.

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