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Would You Break The Rules for Something You Believe In?

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the A-Cross the Country Relay came through Mid-MO.  Click here to read about it.

We were not familiar with the area the relay came through and were constantly looking for county roads that were in some cases, missing signs.  We met up with good friends, old and new.  Plenty of adventures too.  Out of 35 Mid-MO runners, more than 14 were new – that we didn’t know but they always showed up wearing their team shirt which was a dead give-away.

There were so many great stories that came out of that event for us here in Central Mo. Like the day the Sheriff of Howard County showed up on the scene asking questions.  Good guy – also a runner…


The best story by far though, was this one about the sacrifice James Vignola made to run in the relay.  So proud of this 15 year old and so appropriate that he ran the last 2 legs of that days portion of the event.  This story has been covered by local TV and newspaper as well as some national media outlets including Runners World.  Read the latest story in LifeSiteNews here. 

vignolaThe penalty has since been lowered to 2 track meets from a possible full year of being ineligible to compete.  So happy for James.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles and another 3 this morning.  Knees are better but my left knee is still giving me trouble.  I need to get my new shoes too.  Also, I may have to use a brace for the long run Saturday (11 miles).  I will be okay though.  Knee is going in right direction…as a good friend says, “Forward, forward, always forward.”

Hey, for all you runners, spring is coming so you better get ready.

Where is your favorite places to run?

2 comments on “Would You Break The Rules for Something You Believe In?

  1. Yay! Spring is definitely here! I love running in the trails. ..closer to nature.

    Take it easy on your knees! 🙂 Happy Runnings!

  2. I love running on the Esplanade along the Charles River in Boston. Great running environment with lots of other runners.
    I’m going out for a 5K today with a friend from work.

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