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Defy the “No Travel” Advisory and Run Anyway!

Today – more snow…at 4 am there was 4 inches on the ground with 4 or 5 more coming.

photo (9)

Doesn’t matter.  Today, I run anyway…

(Photo credit -

(Photo credit –

…On the treadmill.  Not my favorite thing to do but will offer it up.   The More/fitness Half Marathon is 6 weeks away from this Sunday.  Which means only 4 real weeks of real training opportunity before tapering.

Six Weeks till More/fitness Half Marathon

Six Weeks till More/fitness Half Marathon

So, today I’m dusting off my old friend and running with the wind (in my mind) to prepare for my favorite half marathon.

How far will you run today and where on the street or in the gym?

2 comments on “Defy the “No Travel” Advisory and Run Anyway!

  1. The last two 5-mile runs I did were on the treadmill! I have a love-hate relationship with it. I may dislike the treadmill, but I dislike running in freezing temperatures more. I’m a freeze cat!

    1. Anne says:

      I hear ya Sarah! Now we have a nearly a foot of snow on the ground too. Running inside though is my least favorite thing but gotta do it to be ready for the relay that is coming through here and the April half marathon. Keep up the good work – spring is just around the corner!

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