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What Are Your Running Plans for the Year???

My 2013 Running Plan


  1. To start the year off right, I’m running with my team mates in the March for Life 5K, Washington DC, January 26, 2013.
  2. January/February/March – Train for More/fitness Women’s Half Marathon, April 14, 2013 in New York’s Central Park.  Running this with a friend of mine and also Elisabeth Haselbeck.  This will be the third year I’ve run this women only event and it’s in my favorite place…Central Park.  Read about past half marathon experiences at my website.  Registration opens January 14, 2013 and this race is capped – usually fills up within a couple of weeks.  If you are running your first half marathon this year, take some tips from an article I wrote about running my first one.  Everything you’ll need to know wrapped up in one place.  My First Half Marathon From One Rookie to Another.
  3. 6a0133ecb07c7a970b0162ff5a8543970d-800wiRun three 5K’s  May through July.
  4. July/August/September – Train for the Crazy Horse Half Marathon in the Black Hills of South Dakota, October 3, 2013.  Running this one with my  team mates again.

4 comments on “What Are Your Running Plans for the Year???

  1. Those look like some excellent running goals! My main one is to run a half-marathon in less than two hours. We’ll see!

    1. Anne says:

      Sarah – Wow! That is a pretty high bar! Good luck with that. Let me know how it goes as you train.

  2. Kaitee says:

    My main goal is to get back into running as I’ve had way too much time off with my silly broken foot.

    But I would like to increase my trail run in September from 10km to 30km. No time attached to it, I just want to finish it and not fall over in a dead heap 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks for sharing your goal. I had a broken foot twice – no fun. Don’t over-stress it. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes. Have a great day!

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