Restarting My Running Engine!

Play today’s theme song before proceeding 

January 1st always is great day to start fresh.

Take it all in…

Today starts the running engine again so get ready for more adventure.  As great as 2012 was 2013 will be even better.

Going to a gym starting this week and running too.

More morning dose of inspiration   More mapping running path.  More excitement.

Check out this great info-graphic I found.  Love all that data…



4 responses

    • I hear ya Sarah! I am forgoing the full marathon this year too. I’m going with a friend to the More/fitness half marathon in NYC April 14 and also the Crazy Horse Half in SD in October. May do a full again sometime but not this year. Happy New Year friend – good to hear from you.

    • Thanks! I am very goal oriented. I’m thinking of amending them to add two more half marathons which would be a record for me. I ran my first marathon in October – not sure if I’ll ever do another…it was pretty hard on my body. Maybe next year…Take care –

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