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THIS IS IT…Game On and All Systems Are Go!

Next Sunday is it.  No fooling around this week.  I just came through my busiest week of the year at work.  My largest event was Thursday night.  It was a huge success…

…And was blessed the day before with the most wonderful report from my son’s doctor regarding his chronic kidney condition.  I’m going to post something special about him and the wonderful doctor he had early on that used some radical interventions, that we understand now, to have saved his kidney function which now seems to be stabilized due to such.  The biggest blessing of all.

All systems are go for a great race next Sunday.

I do have to get some running in though.  I haven’t had a run since last Saturday.  That’s okay…I’m up for this.  Will catch up this week.

Staying clear of anyone that is ill.  Can’t afford to get sick at this point.

Going out right now for an 8 mile run.  Will start out slower and listen to body as I go.  I’ve used this run to raise money for charity and offered my training up in sacrifice for all those on my prayer list.

I will offer up the marathon for my prayer list and adding to it thanksgiving for the awesome prognosis of Alex’s health well into his adult life.

God is great!

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