Success Is Common Phenomenon for Runners

I rode my bike home from my office today – 8 miles.  Good cross training.  Beautiful weather…

We all have worries.  Probably would be surprised that we worry about a lot of the same things.

Those of us that run, we have other worries.  Our families health, welfare, work, etc.  The running causes us to focus on something else for a bit and works out the anxiety.  I know people who run, whose children suffer from life threatening disease, others who face unbearable financial hardship, as well as legal disparagement.  All try to forget those problems while they run.

I pray for them.  They also run to raise money for others.  Blessings to them for putting others’ needs first in the face of such turmoil.

Runners.  They are more than interesting people.  Jeff Graboskey averaged running 60 miles per day as he crossed the U.S. on foot @ average page of 10 minute miles.  I marvel at his distance and pace.  More than that, his faith that drove him to make such a trip.

I am so intrigued by this segment of society.  Runners.  Pretty cool people to know.

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