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Food for the Soul – Detoured My Long Run and Proud of Son

If you know me, you know I love Hot Tamales.  Not just Mexican fare but also a staple of the South.

…and I am a woman of the South.

When I was young we had someone in the neighborhood that made Hot Tamales to sell.  One bite and I was hooked.  Loved them ever since.  They are very labor intensive to make though.  Usually takes more than one person and can be all day and then some.  I’ve made them a few times but I don’t have 2 full days to devote to it anymore.  Therefore I buy them when I can.

Pete Walz, the neighbor who made them and his wife Judy are wonderful people.  They supplied us with our Tamale fix up to this past year.  Sadly, Pete recently passed away.  He will be deeply missed.  Always made everything fun! I was good friends with their kids (them too).

This week, I was told about a man who sold them at the Farmers Market and so it was important enough that I interrupted my run this morning to get there before noon.

So there you have it.  Hot Tamales are food for my soul.  A link to the past and a wonderful comfort food of the South.

My long run this week was only 12 miles.  That didn’t seem like much of a challenge after the 19 miles last week.  Well, I have to tell you – it still was once I started up again after stopping.  I have some pretty strong legs but they were getting sore and tired.

I was still able to clean up, do the weekly grocery shopping and cook up some wonderful dishes for the week afterwards.  I’m tired but still going strong.

Of course had to go by Schulte’s to do the shopping – Alex was working today.  Jim told me 10 times – “Don’t embarrass him.”  Like I would…

Nonetheless, I love shopping at Schulte’s and yes, Alex was “checking” so we went through his line.  So  proud him.

Last night he was “drumming” it up with the band.

Drum Line Performing

Here’s Jim and I trying to take a picture…

…and instead take video….


…and again.

Okay, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t brag on my son.  Look at this –

One of Alex’s Poems…Read Teachers Comments in Red.

This is from his creative writing course he took this year.  Also, he’s in the Journalism Club – going to a movie tonight so he can write a review for the school paper.  He has a new passion in addition to his art and music…writing.

Happy Mom – proud of son.

Very proud of him – me on way home from store today.

Big smile.

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