My Sister Makes 18 Mile Long Run Pretty Special

Remnants of Hurricane Isaac visited yesterday and today (Yay, we need the rain), so Dolores and I couldn’t go to the Katy Trail for today’s long run.  So, I took my 18 mile run, to the streets.  I ended it at Dolores’s house.  Below are pictures of me finishing.  It was a good run and I live to tell about it.  Dolores and Alex checked in with me by phone and the apple she brought me at mile 15, was just what I needed.  After finishing she had a really nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, strawberries and grapes.  There was plenty of water and tea too.  Awesome!  How nice is that??  Then we sat down and visited with the rain falling outside.  Really nice.  Thanks Dolores – what a nice way to finish and it made today’s run that much more special too.

I kept this pace pretty consistently through out the run.  It was comfortable.  I know the day of the race I will probably pick it up a bit.

I put Band-Aids on each of my toes but still ended up with a blister.  I ran with my Camelbak again – it’s just too convenient having all the water I need with me and all of the “Power Paks” too.  Never stopped and no walking – I did a slow jog all the way through from start to finish (4 hours).   Really tired and a little sore.

I now know I can finish that 26.2 miles.  I hope to finish sooner though so will have to pick up the pace.

Prayed for all on my prayer list and offered up the run for them too.

A great day and still have the 3 day weekend ahead.

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