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Long Run Done – 15 Miles Through Marlin Perkins “Wild Kingdom”


When I was a kid on Sunday evenings we’d watch “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.”   Marlin Perkins and his co host would scout out some of the wildest animals from all over the world and sometimes even wrestle with them if they didn’t cooperate.  Today‘s run was like being a part of that show.

I finished the 15 miles.  It was hard.  Very hard towards the end.  I’m a whiner – I know it, but it was just that… hard.

I got off to a later start – slept in and had an extra cup of coffee.

I started out slower  – partly because I was intimidated by the 15 miles.

At mile 4, I had an Iphone malfunction and actually had to stop and reposition it on my arm.  When I got to mile 5, I was starting to feel more comfortable with things.  Ate the “Power Pack” at mile 6 so I walked fast for a bit while I got that down.   I was running pretty good as I neared the Capitol.  I met up with Alex a few blocks past it at mile 8.  Refilled water bottle and ate an apple.  Then did my big turn around and headed back.  At about mile 10, my shoe was irritating  the top of my foot.  So I stopped and actually took it off – repositioned sock/shoe, etc. and then continued on my way.  I was running pretty good as I passed Memorial Park.

Alex had met me at mile 12 and gave me some beef jerky and water refill.  I also had some energy beans too.  When I left him I said, I’ll see you at home.  I so couldn’t wait to get home.

I walked mile 12 and started running some again on mile 13.

As I finished that mile – I was listening to the Map My  Run App tell me my pace, time, distance, etc., and all at once I see a moderately sized adult Copperhead snake right in front of me – it wasn’t dead either.  Even though cars are passing me at a pretty good click.  I screamed and jumped back – into the path of an oncoming car that moved over quickly.  The snake jumped too.  This is a picture of a Copperhead I found online not the one I saw.  I didn’t stick around to take any pics of it.

It startled me to the point that  I felt nauseous.  Then as I began to regain my composure and try to put that awful image out of my mind – a dead something or other is just in front of me and as I looked away, I saw the severed paw of the poor animal.  Ugh!

I was really struggling at this point and going uphill too.

At the top though,  I found myself back in familiar surroundings.  The place where I would turn around when just doing an easy 4 mile run from home and back.  So after running across Jefferson City, home was in my sights (not literally but it was near anyway).  I just wanted to get back home.  Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

I hear the Map My Run App now say that I finished mile 14 so I thought I’d try to give whatever I had left to my  last mile.  So I’m running down Country Club Drive – an area I have run a lot and just as I’m nearing the Emerald Ridge subdivision entrance, a deer darts out of the woods and runs right up to me then stops.  It scared me to death…wasn’t expecting that.  It stood there for a moment just 5 feet from me and then ran back into the woods.  It got so close as it was running out of the woods, I thought it would run right over me.  Never had that happen before.

After that episode, I knew I was almost finished with mile 15, so I turned off the App and walked to the quick shop that was about a half mile further and had Alex pick me up there.  Any other time I would just walk the rest of the way (another mile) home.  I was exhausted and so sore.  There was not going to be any of that today.

I did my stretches as usual and as I was doing those I noticed my ankles had rings around them.  My legs were a darker shade from ankles on up than my feet.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a tan…it was dirt.  I have a large bruise on the back of my upper calf  too.  Wonder what that is???

I’m icing my feet as I sit here typing this.  Also drinking water as well as eating a peach.

I am soooo glad that marathon is not right around the corner.  I have a long way to go to get to my 26.2 miles.  Lots more training miles to build up my endurance.  On this run there were no 8 minute miles.  This was kind of a humbling run today.  Glad it’s behind me and learned a lot along the way.

Definitely, not wearing my usual loose black shorts that rub against my legs.  In the past they never bothered me but today, my legs are chapped where the bottoms would hit.  Maybe going back to two pairs of socks also.  Feet were really sore and the back of my thighs were as well.

I felt pangs and aches in places I never had before towards the end.  I’m fine now but I think it was my body letting me know we were in untraveled waters (furthest distance I’ve ever run or even walked for that matter), 13 miles was the record for me before today’s 15.  You can see the data below.

I offered it all up for my team mates who are also doing their long runs today as well as everyone on my prayer list too.  So thankful to have all of you in my life.

Have a wonderful day!


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