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Tomorrow’s Long Run 15 Miles

Tomorrow I will run farther than I’ve ever even walked at one time.  This will be a 3 hour run for me.  I’m nervous but know that it’s about the distance not the speed tomorrow.  A friend of mine is running her longest run tomorrow morning in New York.  Running with her in spirit as well as all my LIFE Runner team mates.  Most are following similar training plans that call for a long run on  Saturday.  Depending on running level and race event they are training for, distances range from 7 miles to 18 miles.

Will have more to report tomorrow.  Sleep well, eat a good breakfast, hydrate and have a plan.  My son will be trailing me in the car – checking in now and then.  Always good that one other person knows where you are running.

Here’s to my team mates and all runners every where – Cheers!

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