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Running Without Potatoes

Tough going this morning in 70% humidity @ 80 degrees (feels like 84 degrees).  I can’t help but believe my runs will get faster and easier when the heat and humidity leaves.  I used to avoid the sprinklers when running here in Overland Park.  Now I head for them and will circle back to run through again and again and again.  🙂

Back in April I decided to seriously attack my weight with the goal of shaving off 20 pounds.  I reached that goal and will find out next month what my body composition is now.  I was on medication (for virus in my lungs)  that would have thrown the test so taking after it is out of my system.  The weight-loss is equal to 2 bags of potatoes.  So glad I’m not running with that any more.  It has helped me to cross the threshold to actually running and not walking trying to run here and there.  I feel better and have more energy.

Potatoes are a good carbohydrate.  However, they are also my weakness.  I have to stay committed to sticking with all the good habits I developed and not go back to the bad ones.

I feel I could still lose another 10 pounds but am now more concerned with performance than weight loss.  Hoping to see those pounds just disappear as I train.

This isn’t the best before and after but you get the picture.  I would have worn my LIFE Runner shirt to take the after pic but I ran in it yesterday and so didn’t pack it.  Had to take advantage of a full length mirror that was in my hotel room last night.  The grey shirt I purchased while in NY – April 2012 and it was tight too.  The LIFE Runner shirt in picture on the left was a large.  No more of that.

Okay now here is data from today’s run.  Tomorrow trying to get back into  long runs starting with 8 miles.

Now on with the work for the day…have lots to do.  Enjoy the Friday feeling.

One comment on “Running Without Potatoes

  1. dlauf3 says:

    Wow you really look good can definitely see the weightloss! Keep up the good fight!

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