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A Bump in the Road

I’ve acquired a virus that has settled in my chest.  Have not been able to run since Tuesday (2 days missed).  Also, tomorrows long run is postponed.  Our dog Cypress thinks my coughing is me barking at her.  

Fighting back though…went to the doctor and got medicine to help me kick this faster (special note – I requested that the cough syrup be “sugar free” too).  That along with good advice from our LIFE Runners Coach Pat, will help me to get back to where I was quickly.  



In the background of this photo is a picture of my Dad looking on at one of his famous barbecues.  Also, a picture of me with BK and Dolores standing by Dad.  Those were great times.  So fortunate to have such a great family.  This is my desk and while the desk itself is not anything you’d consider valuable, I love sitting here.  My Dad and I put it together.  We laughed so hard when I accidentally put a hole about the size of a half dollar through one side of an inside panel.  He even prefaced my Paul Bunyon like swing with “gently tap it.”   I’ve since filled that hole with brown puddy and you don’t even see it.  However, I know it’s there and some times I touch it to remind me of that laugh we had.  

I am a “saver” I used to be a “pitcher” until my son came along.  


The piece of wood in front of those books is from a tree that was in our backyard.  I played under it on a blanket  and then later on it served as base when we played tag.  The tree had to be cut down long after I left home but I snatched some of the branches to keep as a reminder of that great old tree.  

Alex’s drawings, pictures and other important things surround my work space.  I even have a prayer that was found in one of my Mom’s purses after she passed away that had a picture of me with it and safely tucked in one of her signature clear plastic (Stanley Home Products) envelopes. I’m sure she prayed a lot – especially when I was in high school :).  I sat that up on my desk and put a picture of Alex in it too.  

This is a rock that Mary Jo and I found at the cabin near St. Alberts.  We painted it – actually she painted it and I watched.  We did those kind of things back then.  We made candles, painted rocks and other fun things.  This rock reminds me of those great times.  It’s got a prominent place on my desk.  


I will get back on track but as time passes us by so fast  I know it won’t be but a blink of an eye and that marathon will have come and gone.  Afterwards I won’t even remember this bump in the road that seems so large right now.


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