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9 Mile Long Run Tomorrow

At 6 am it will be 76 degrees with 64% humidity.  It will take me about 1:50 minutes to finish the 9 mile run that is scheduled.

I am always anxious before a long run.  Always.

I used coconut water last week and plan to do the same tomorrow.  It has a heck of a lot more potassium than other such drinks and a lot less sugar.   Potassium is great when running in hot weather.  I water it down – taste isn’t that great.

The longest run I did while training for half marathons in the past was 10 miles. Those days are gone.  The longest run I’ll do on this plan training for the full marathon – 20 miles.

Looking forward to tomorrow – getting to the other side of the run.

BBQ and fun await.  Have a great night!

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