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Happy Anniversary!

Jim is like an unsung hero in our relationship, he lets me be the front person.  That means he doesn’t get much of the spot-light so he is usually a little over due for such.

We have been through a lot over the years sharing some of the best moments of our lives together.  He is ever my biggest fan (as I am his) and always  supportive of all my endeavors.  That says a lot when you’ve been married 28 years – or 30 today.

In those years we said good-bye to both my parents and his Mom.  Three good friends who were in our wedding party have since passed on too.  We gave birth to a son and nurtured our blended family into a tight little unit.  Welcomed grandchildren into the world, worked through major surgeries, went back to college and earned bachelors degree, moved our household 3 times,  held on to each other through hard and harder times and shared our greatest achievements.   My life with Jim is longer than my life before Jim.  We used to joke about that referring to those years as BC…Before  Carmichael.

The other thing…if you didn’t know this before, know it now – I am a pro life activist.  I thought that was going to be the 2nd major hurdle for him, a general manager of a car dealership when we met (1983).  Not so.  Jim in his usual form, supported everything 100%.

It didn’t matter.

He was a rock.  Always has been.

His career in the car business goes back 40 years.  Peter Goldschmidt, who at one time owned 3 of the 6 major car dealerships here in JC would say that Jim was the best car man in Central Mo.  He won many honors and awards for performance too.

I am lucky/very blessed.

Jim and I have a spread of 18 years between us.  It doesn’t matter.

Never did.

It was noticed most when we were first married and then again in recent years.  I’ve found some people that have been curious asking questions about graduation dates, age of our son, other similar things to help them surmise how many years difference there is between us.  We are amused by such.

I am fortunate to have  Jim.  We are invincible together.

Life is funny.

Jim and I met through mutual friends.  I’m Catholic and he picked up right away that my faith was important to me.   Therefore, within months he practically climbed over hot coals and did whatever necessary for us to be able to marry in the Catholic Church (which was vital to our future together).  Jim received the word from Church officials on May 10, 1984…exactly one year after the day we met (May 10, 1983).  He has since become Catholic as well and practices his Faith regularly.

Jim has 2 children from a previous marriage that have enriched our lives (and Alex’s – our son) 1000 times over and over again.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of them.

I only wish our parents could have lived to see this all come to fruition.  My Mom and Dad were  my biggest allies when it came to Jim and I marrying.  They knew it was meant to be.  I suffered a terrible loss before meeting Jim.  It was devastating and thanks to a great support system of friends and family, I bounced back.  It left me a little more older than my years though.  So Mom wasn’t surprised at all when she met Jim.

Our families were both happy for us.  Some of our friends that weren’t around as much were more skeptical.  That dissipated quickly though.

I am lucky/blessed.  I have had a great family all the way around.  Love them all!

As Jim and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Here is a salute to him for all he does for myself , Alex, Carrie and Rich.  Jim, we are more than blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy Anniversary!

One comment on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Alice lancaster says:

    Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Love Alice Donald and Amy

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