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The Game Changers of Running Shoes – Vibram

Vibram Five Finger shoes.  Had to give them a test run tonight.

So, off  I went.  Running down the street in a pair of shoes that made me feel light as a feather.  I only went out 3 miles since this was just a test drive.  So glad I bought them today.

These shoes are game changers for sure – liberating and fun.  I’m going to ease into them though.  I know that it is suggested to do so.  Here’s what the Vibram website says:

In your typical running shoe, the heel is higher than the forefoot. In FiveFingers both the heel and forefoot lie on the same plane, so there is no cushioned heel. If you are a traditional heavy heel-strike runner or walker, you might have a biomechanical change to make, but this change is likely a good one. Humans are not meant to heel strike heavily, particularly when running. Try running without shoes on; you will see what we mean. Running barefoot with a strong heel strike will send you to the sofa to let your bone contusion or fracture heal. One of the goals of VibramFiveFingers footwear is to encourage forefoot striking, meaning your forefoot will contact the ground first then engage muscles in your feet and lower legs as your heel touches down. This style of running may be safer and lead to fewer injuries, in addition to being biomechanicallymore sound from an energy and force distribution standpoint. Basically, it is a smarter way to ambulate.

It’s a good thing to spice up your running.  Also, if I want to go back to my other shoes…I can.

Oh, and the exhaustion I was feeling this weekend?

Kidney infection.  I’m better though now.

And the diet?

Still going strong.

The jacket I’m wearing in the picture is one I’ve not been able to wear for 6 years.  This was me last week.

No problems there.



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