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Marathon Pre-Training – Moving Towards Peak Condition

Fortunately, I am six months out from the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon to build towards the official training.  Why???  Because, according to this CNN story as well as other sources, you should be running 40 to 50 miles per week for 3 months (even though the subject of the article, with 3 marathons under his belt, did not).  That means beginning mid July, my daily average will be 7 miles per day – 6 days per week.  I can do this. ..with a lot of discipline and laser-beam focus.

This will be a life changing journey.  I’m not just referring to the physical sacrifice, but also the mental exercise as well as spiritual.

For now, I’m in pre-training phase.  I want to engage my official training (June) 20 pounds lighter.   I can do this too.  This is day 6 almost through first week of what will probably be close to 10 weeks of a reducing plan.  Even with travel have stuck strictly to the diet.  and exercise plan.  I’ve overcome harder battles – like a 2 pack a day smoking habit – 20 years ago or going back to  school as a wife and Mom (for undergraduate degree) while working – graduated summa cum laude.

Went out yesterday morning (cold and windy following storm through the night) and did a quick 2.5 miles.  In a few minutes leaving to do 3 with four quarter-mile sprints to work on speed during mile 3.  Then will finish with my stretching (LIFE Runner Coach Pat will be happy I remembered that as will my muscles – working to keep them injury  free).

I’m in KC – went  to a banquet last night.  Banquet staff brought me the plated feta cheese stuffed chicken and I politely reminded them about my earlier request for simple chicken breast with green beans (understandable about needed reminder – I was one of 600 guests).  They were very gracious and returned with the plate.  It was delicious.  Passed on the desert and nibbled on the roll while drinking a lot of water.  All following the perfect spinach salad with a tablespoon of the raspberry dressing and then later finished up with a little coffee.

Simple food.  No sauces or embellishments.  I like eating this way and can follow this with ease.  Breakfast was a protein bar, vitamins and supplements and coffee.  Mid morning snack before leaving was yogurt with plenty of water.  Lunch was a Southwest Salad from McDonald’s.

I also take chromium throughout the day to help keep my blood sugar stable.

Feeling good and ready to get out there and embrace the day.  Need to get home to knock out some housekeeping and cooking.  Tomorrow running a 5K with my niece and her daughter.  Great days ahead and on with conditioning.




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