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This Is How I Roll

Going out the door to work…



3.Water Bottle

4.Lunch + Mid Morning and Afternoon Snacks

5.Running Clothes + Tennis Shoes + Ipod

6.DC Food Sheets (My written plan of what to eat when)

I don’t really like putting my run in the middle or after my work day, but sometimes it’s necessary…like this day.

What isn’t showing in this picture of lunch and snacks is my orange and Melba Toast crackers which I keep at the office.

A diet and training plan takes a lot of organization as mentioned in an earlier post.  That is the key to success for me…a plan.  That scale next to my lunch is there because I also need to weigh the chicken in my lunch (3 oz.).  Never mind that coffee in the background (I doubt I will ever give up coffee).

Now onto the exercise.  I have been running on concrete a lot lately and can tell it in my legs.  Asphalt is better but sometimes not an option.

Today…it’s running in the rain – this morning.  Doesn’t bother me as long as no lightening and not too cold.  I have a long way to go to get to my long run for the Oct 21st marathon.  The pounds I will lose between now and the end of June, will make all the difference too.  Just one of the many benefits of losing the weight is the increased pace.  Below is info from Runners World.

Pounds Lost
1/2 Marathon

I’m heading off to KC today – taking a small cooler with all my stuff.  Called ahead to the banquet staff at event I’m attending and ordered a low calorie/fat/sodium dinner.  I am committed to sticking strictly to my diet as I did many years ago to guarantee success.  It’s working too.  Just in 4 days – I dropped 2 pounds.  That isn’t a big deal – been see-sawing over 5 pounds for months.  What will really be exciting is when I get past 6 pounds and see it isn’t coming from lean tissue too.

It takes 2 weeks to create new habits – it all gets a bit easier after that thresh-hold.  But can’t wait to cross the real finish line in October when all the sacrifice and training pays off.

So, that’s how it is…all good.

Here’s your morning dose of inspiration – now let’s go run!

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