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Just Received 2 Tickets to Saturday Night Live – Unbelievable!

In August (window of entry for lottery is in August only), I sent the email (below) for the SNL studio audience ticket lottery for 2011/2012 season – Alex has dreamed of being in the audience for as long as I can remember.  It was the first time I actually entered it.


—–Original Message—–
To: snltickets
Sent: Sat, Aug 20, 2011 12:38 pm
Subject: 2011 2012 Lottery
Please enter me in the lottery for tickets to SNL 2011-2012.  
I vaguely remember sending in the request.
Didn’t think I had a chance.  Each request is for 2 tickets and only one email per household per year is accepted.  I’ve read where some people have done this 20 years in a row and not won… so I didn’t expect anything to really come of it…

Well guess what was in my email yesterday?????

Two tickets to SNL!
I almost deleted the email thinking it was spam.
I was shocked.
Immediately I called NBC to confirm the tickets were authentic…they are!  They come with a security confirmation code that NBC uses for such!  The NBC associate after sharing a very happy “congratulations,” proceeded to tell me how lucky I was and even shared the odds of getting these tickets:
  • NBC receives 60,000 requests  each year for the (1,600)  available SNL tickets per season.
  • It’s easier to get into Harvard Medical School than to get tickets to SNL.
  • Also, there are only 210 seats available for the audience per show.

I found other statistics online too…

  • You have a better chance of winning the lottery twice before getting tickets to SNL.
  • The seats in the small studio 8h are on loan from Yankee Stadium (1975 George Steinbrenner loaned them thinking the show wouldn’t make it).  I remember that from the 2006 studio tour – they are still there.  The studio is actually very small.

The reason I even put my name in the lottery is because Alex is such a big fan.  I don’t watch the show anymore…used to.   We toured the SNL set in 2006 and Alex knew so much about the show, that he was able to answer questions correctly that no one else could.  He even stumped the tour guide.  He has a memory like a steel trap.

The tickets are for the 8 pm dress rehearsal which suits me because otherwise the real show doesn’t start till 11:30 pm.  They say the dress rehearsal is better – everyone is more laid back and more interaction.  Also, they tape it and if the live show can’t follow, then they use the rehearsal tape.

Look how much these tickets are selling for on this auction- SNL Tickets Auction.

The tickets I received said –

may not be sold, auctioned or transferred to ANY another individual.

Well, we are going to tell Alex tonight.  Then we have to decide…should we go.

What would you do?

One comment on “Just Received 2 Tickets to Saturday Night Live – Unbelievable!

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Go and have fun!

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