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Let the Celebration Continue On!

Okay, I know this is a blog about running (or trying to run), I have felt the need to deviate a bit and focus more on family.  Allen’s funeral today was more about the celebration of a life than it was about a death.  It was about the important things in this life.  I shared the Schulte Family Reunion video earlier this week…now here’s our immediate family’s video we put together for Christmas 2009.  Celebrating family week continues in honor of Allen Schulte.  His Visitation and funeral (which was today) was the largest by far that I have ever attended at that parish – and I have attended many there.  Also, the largest procession to the cemetery and crowd that remained around the grave-sight afterwards.  He was loved by all for sure – a close friend to many.  He followed Christ’s example of being present for the person.  Food for thought.


One comment on “Let the Celebration Continue On!

  1. Dolores says:

    Really, Really enjoyed the video. Brought tears to my eyes…today was a celebration of Allen’s life and family. How blest we all are…

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