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2012 More/fitness Half Marathon Registration Opens Today

The April 15th More/fitness Half Marathon will have to do without me this year. 

It pains me to pass it up.  I love running in the largest women only race in my favorite place.  Good luck to all of the women that will run this year…I will be there in spirit.

This year, on April 15th I am running with my team mates, the Mid-MO LIFE Runners in the Go St. Louis Half Marathon.  I love being a part of such a great group of people.  So the trade-off is well worth the change.

I wore my shirt to Church yesterday and several people came over and talked to me about the group – generated some excitement.

I have only had one run in the last couple of weeks due to the holidays and need to get back on track.  The team is getting together for a morning run on the 19th and I am not going to be lagging way behind the pack if I don’t get going.

So this post is short so I can go hit it now.

Have a great day and here’s your morning dose of inspiration…

Love it!!


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