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The Lunar Eclipse

Star-gazing.  Love it!  Got to have the right gear…to go with my MU Tiger pj’s for a cold winter night.

At  5 am could see the moon was full and bright.  Took more pics at 6 am.  Then about 7am – just before dawn, it became larger and orangish/yellow.  What a sight.  My cell phone camera and shaky hands didn’t capture very good pics.  However, click here for the Earth Sky facebook page.  People took pics from all over the World.  I added them below (with credits).

5 am

5:15 am…

6 am…

7 am

What a great start to the day.  My pictures don’t hold a candle to any that I found at Earth Sky’s Facebook page…take a look.

Lunar Eclipse, Dec 10, Mike O'Neal, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Amer Bandak, Brentwood (North Calif), Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, May Toyo, Japan, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Lyle Evans, California, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Denver, James Shelley, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Matthew Paul, Brisbane, Austrailia, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Rachel Philips, Brooklyn NY, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Tammy Stoner, NE US Facebook

Lunar Eclipse (most recent shot), Tokyo, Japan, May Toyo, Facebook

There is a meteor shower in a few days.  Don’t miss out.

Have a great day!

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